wilhelm paul

About me

I'm Wilhelm "Wil" Martinez and I took up BS Information System in De La Salle University Manila. Born on February 1993 in Manila, Philippines. Fluent in English and Filipino.

Loves rice. Spends his free time in Aikido class, coding personal projects, experimenting with new recipes, sewing useful stuff, studying programming languages and tutoring.

Let's talk about your ideas over coffee and comfort food.


Things I've had a hand in building:

Seats PH (Restaurant Resservation System)
YonduWiFi (Internet Provisioning for Ayala and Affiliated locations)
Yuneoh (Event Listing Website)
Sherlock (Case management System)
Wilhelmpaulm (This Website)
Tulong PH (Emergeny Response Tool [Work In Progress])
Esalin (Filipino Based Translation API)
Globe Tracker App (Buddy Tracking Using GlobeLabs Location API)
JuanTime (SMS Alert Scheduler)
Papyrus (Resource Management for a Paper Company)


I have fun volunteering and participating in developer events whenever I have spare time.

SEP 2014 3rd Startup Weekend Manila (first place & people's choice award)
NOV 2014 2nd DLSU Hacker Cup (first place)